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What are the first steps to take toward building a new home?

  1. Work with your bank or financier to determine the dollar value that you are able to invest into your new home.
  2. Location, location, location! Think about where you would like to reside.
  3. Investigate local land prices with agents.
  4. Before entering into a contract with a land agent, contact Mancorp Quality Homes and we will assist you in collecting relevant information that can potentially save you thousands of dollars.
  5. Our experienced team will meet you onsite and assist with collecting the necessary information required to build, for example covenants, soil reports, contours, as-constructed sewer layouts etc.
  6. From here we will draw a sketch for you to suit your investment figure, taking into account the orientation of your land and your specific needs.

Building a new home should be an exciting process. At Mancorp Quality Homes we are committed to making that a reality. We will explain in detail each and every step of the build process before you commit financially, with all charges disclosed, no secrets, no hidden costs, no asterisks, no fine print. We always offer a fixed-price contract.

What is a fixed-price contract?

After the consulting process, we will have partnered with you on a design that is suited to you, where you are going to build and with what inclusions you wish to have in your home. We will then draw up a QMBA (Queensland Master Builders Association) contract to an agreed fixed-price. Once this is agreed, you can enter a fixed-price contract where there is no need to pay more than the agreed price.

Daunted by the thought of building your new home?

Your design and consulting team will walk you through all of the above steps pre-build and during the build process; helping you design a home to suit your block, needs and investment. We have an in-house artist that will listen to your ideas and develop a to-scale sketch that suits your specific requests. Our expert team will provide advice to make your home more affordable and ideas to capitalise on the orientation of your piece of land.

What areas do Mancorp Quality Homes operate?

Mancorp Quality Homes’ office is located in East Street Caboolture. In order to ensure we maintain our high level of quality we only embark on eight (8) new contract homes per month. Our team of Supervisors cover areas from the North Brisbane to Noosa and west to Samford and The Glass House Mountains. We have a heavy focus on Bribie Island, Caboolture and southern areas of the Sunshine Coast.

Doesn’t it cost more to design a new home?

With us, designing a new home from scratch will cost no more than buying from an existing plan. The main benefit is you finish with a home designed specifically to suit your needs.

We have seen what we like, but the other builder won’t allow any changes?

A lot of builders are not flexible with designs and do not allow any alterations to their plans, and if they do, their build time and cost will blow out dramatically. We allow flexibility to all designs.

Thinking of building your dream or buying someone’s nightmare?

The second hand market has long been the simple way of finding the family home. In most cases, families compromise what they want in a home because they think it is easier and less complicated to buy established. Brand new with no maintenance, or second hand with ongoing maintenance?. With our design and sales team and our efficient build time, we make the decision to construct a new home a very simple one.

We have always bought established!

Asbestos, temperature control, faulty smoke detectors, earth leakage, pest infestation, non-compliant DIY, faulty electrical, poor plumbing, stained and dirty carpet and an aged hot water system, non-compliant energy efficiency, lead based paints, use of banned chemicals ….need we say more?

Need financial advice?

We have experienced and dedicated financiers available for your immediate assistance. They are not part of Mancorp Quality Homes staff, but may be an essential part of the process.

How do I research my builder before selecting?

The best recommendation is referral and testimonial – and you can read ours. We can offer past clients’ contact details in order to research thoroughly and diligently prior to starting the process. Do not be confused or brainwashed by fancy/ colourful furnishings in display homes. Other builders will place thousands of dollars’ worth in a display to hide and cover poor build quality. Building a home is not the biggest decision of your life….selecting a builder might be.

Aren’t all builders the same?

No, not all builders are the same. Some have multi-million dollar advertising budgets but poor construction quality; some have extended build times; some take on more work than they can handle; some have poor follow up when maintenance is required; some are limited in their build size; some are one dimensional in their designs; some are inflexible and do not allow changes to their designs; some compromise in the materials they use in order to save costs; some are not flexible in the products they use to build with; some do not have the office back up to support the entire process; some will add charges through the process; some use different tradesmen all the time; some have poor supervisors. All of these flaws will cost you a quality build experience.

Why choose a local builder?

It is more important than ever to keep your money local. Overseas and interstate companies with massive marketing budgets take money out of our state and inject it into other markets. At Mancorp Quality Homes we are committed to using local tradesmen, local products and local suppliers.This ensures that money remains in our backyard. In addition to this, the customer is comforted with the knowledge that the design and materials are suited to the local climate and not introduced from interstate markets.

Beware of the traps!

Some builders will advertise a cheap starting price to make their phone ring, but these companies will not introduce new fees until such time as you are committed financially. They will then add fees and charges from the small print, making for a very unhappy build experience.

How much do you charge to build per square metre?

Without a doubt this is the most frequently asked question we receive. Unfortunately there is no simple answer. Many builders will tell you an answer that will initially impress you in an attempt to get your business. Of course the answer will depend on what materials you are going to use and what style of house you are going to design, as these weigh heavily on the cost of the end result.

What Mancorp Quality Homes can commit to is superior build quality, clear and honest communication, and exceptional service at every stage to ensure you enjoy the building process.

We hope this information has aided you and assisted with your decision whether to build or buy established and with what qualities you are looking for in a builder. We look forward to helping you build your new home.